Why You Need to Visit Victoria, BC

Ah, Victoria, the city commonly and jokingly referred to as the city of newly-weds and nearly deads. Lovely. But this blunt assessment of Victoria comes from people who have never actually spent a significant amount of time there, only having experienced it at an ill-timed trip during the rainy season of muted daytime colours and […]

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Campfires and Rainstorms

I took Anika to Vermont a couple years ago because every memory I had of it compelled me to return and share it. I had camped there with my dad the summer when Anika and I met. It was a place that he couldn’t help but share with me. I was hooked. I had also […]

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Cycling Ottawa

The lookout along the Rockcliffe Park parkway is one of my favourite spots in Ottawa, especially during summer evenings when the sun has that gorgeous orangey-red hue to it. It’s also one of the very first spots where Evan and I biked to for a picnic. Last night (one of Ottawa’s hottest this summer) we […]

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Kindling a Fire

The flames leapt up from the stone fireplace as though they were reaching for the stars above. A light crackling set the rhythm to that dance. And our eyes fixated, mesmerized, and entranced by the alluring hues of orange and yellow. Somewhere, my smartphone was in a bag. I couldn’t remember which one. In fact, […]

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We are sitting around the campfire. It’s midnight, but the sun is still out. I’m curled up in my mother’s lap, half asleep and half awake, trying to prove that I too can be up for 24 hours. I’m not considering any of this though, not consciously that is. No, at this point my mind is swirling with […]

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